It’s been 100 plus gloomy days since lockdown and we are finally free to spend some much-needed quality time with our loved ones. Restaurants, bars & outdoor activities are back in full swing and every woman is finally rediscovering what it feels like to get dressed up to the nines, to let their hair down and to be with their significant other under one roof. With so much time gone, we don’t want to waste anymore and so the date nights commences!

Lockdown has provided an opportunity for so many couples get more creative and to add more effort into creating the perfect dates. With the weather also picking up, we have included some relevant day time dates for those who want a casual vibe and want to enjoy appreciate the blazing rays. Here are 4 date ideas and looks to match!

1. A Beachy Day Out

In need of a beach day out? Organise the cutest road trip to the beach and spend the entire day sunbathing, licking some real good ice cream and feel the warm sand under your feet! Our Chambray dress is the perfect fit for the perfect sun filled day. 

beach day dress

2. Picnic On Us

The trend that’s all over Instagram is the perfect date that we’re loving at the moment! Be one with mother nature and enjoy some good food with your one true love. Why not opt for our Mono Gingham Print. It’s preppy and flirty vibe is just what you need to make your partner go wild.  

picnic dresses

3. Diner Vibes – Dessert anyone?

Anyone in need for dessert? If you’re a cheesecake, chocolate or a pastries feen, then a dessert diner date is just the thing you need to get your sugar fix! Give your partner something to stare at with our Bustier Top. Show off your figure in our high waist jeggings and elongate those fabulous legs with our Platform heels for the perfect look.

dinner dresses

4. Dinner under the stars

Nothing beats a plush dinner date to feel all grand and sophisticated. Why not switch it up and go tailored with our pant suit co-ord set. Pair our Double-breasted blazer and matching Cigarette trousers are just the pieces you need to feel classy. Best of all, you can always make it the outfit you wear for your first day back at work.

dinner dresssuit


With lockdown being eased by the day, here at select, we still encourage everyone to stick to social distancing and to wear a mask when needed. Remember, stay safe and protect the NHS.