What girl isn’t obsessed with her nails? Nails can be colourful in the colour choices you make, whether it be bright, luminous or even a pastel shade. For the summer nails, many girls go for vibrant reds, pinks, oranges, or blues. Pastel shades and themed nails are the in thing too! What nail colours are you choosing? There are so many ways to show your nails off, that monochrome nail effect or even the Barry M black nail paint crackle effect. First things first, you paint your nails with a coloured varnish and then you can use a thin layer of the crackle effect. After it has dried, the colour will break up the black polish, creating a unique look.

Monochrome Nails

There are so many styles and patterns you can have on your nails, from gems, embroidery, to different coloured nails and also painting the inside of the nail real gold - shocked? This is actually so true!

Why not match your nails with your outfit? You can have a diverse colour to your outfit too, say if your outfit is blue and it had gold embroidery on it, you could have gold nails. Imagine your clothes with lots of colour, pick the colour that you want to stand out and apply that to your nails, and add a design to one signature nail on each hand.

Types of nail styles include: gel nails, acrylic nails, nail overlays (include Shellac, Bio Sculpture, and Gelish), infills (re-doing the same style of nail extension), fibre glass and silk wrap nails. Nail wraps are a huge ‘in thing’ right now and many girls are using this technique to make nail polish last a lot longer - hands and feet as well

Tips to keep your nails strong

1. Always keep them protected by painting them with nail polish.

2. Use cuticle cream to have healthy nails.

3. Have vitamins if your nails break a lot and are very weak.

4. Change your nail polish every 2 weeks if it has not chipped.

5. Let them breathe, nails need to recuperate.

6. DIY (do it yourself) - do your nails yourself and paint them every few weeks, helps to maintain your pretty looking fingernails and you don’t have to wait to go to the salon to do it.

7. Recoating your nail polish to last longer too – 2 coats and then apply a top coat using clear nail polish.

8. Make sure you use gloves when cleaning the house or to wash dishes.

Barry M Crackle Nail Polish

Source - Lexington Commons Association 

Many ladies paint their fingernails a different colour to their toes or have it all matching to their outfits. Whether it be for a wedding or special occasion, getting your nails done professionally is so much more common now. However, nail salons are a very popular place to go now to have that salon style finish so women are going more frequently to get there nails painted so they don’t have to maintain them. Many women want perfect nails all the time and will go regularly every 3-4 weeks or longer depending on how fast their cuticles have grown out to get there manicures and pedicures done. If the nails have gotten longer or if the nail polish has chipped or the nail has broken, women will go and sort their nails out fast. Mind you some girls paint their nails more than often than every few weeks. Paint your nails to match every outfit or even every few outfits! Take a look at our Select Fashion to see if we can match with your nail colour.