Having trouble picking your signature jacket for the season? How about we help you find your staple look through the help of your zodiac sign! Grouped into the 4 main zodiac elements: Water, Fire, Earth & Air we have associated each trait to your potential jacket that will leave you obsessed this season!

Moreover, this is the perfect opportunity to simply see our line of women’s jackets & show you possible new styles that you could try! With the help of Astrology specialist & writer Maria DeSimone, we are going to help you navigate your way to your dream jacket. So come on ladies, dive on in & check out your potential new jacket!

Zodiac Elements 

Fire, Air, Earth & Water: these are the four elements of the zodiac that are the foundation of all the sassy characteristics and attitudes that we all uniquely display. They influence each astrological sign and with 12 zodiac signs in total, the complex character traits are limitless! However, through the main elements, we are able to group these traits just to help you ladies out!

Jackets For Fire Signs: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius 

Aries -March 20 to April 21

Leo -July 23 and August 22

Sagittarius-November 23 and December 21

jackets for zodiac fire element

Passionate, dynamic, and temperamental, these divas are known to inject some colour into a dull & dreary room. Due to their expressive nature, they bring joy, enthusiasm and sass that can’t be forgotten.

Thinking about taming these prima donna’s?! think again! They have an apt amount of energy that is felt & they will leave you wanting more. The ideal coat that reflects this lively Fire sign is our Plush Collar Detail Long Faux Fur Jacket.

Plush Collar Detail Long Faux Fur Jacket

Nothing screams princess syndrome than owning a fur coat. Made from a fluffy faux fur fabric, it offers a glamourous touch that strokes the large ego of a fire sign, while the vibrant burgundy radiates the light and warmth that is felt by them. We are totally obsessed! 

There is nothing that screams more ‘Chanel’ than classic tweed. Our Boucle Cropped Button Front Jacket boasts an expensive appeal that the fire sign is deeply in touch with.

Boucle Cropped Button Front Jacket

Completed with contrasting gold plated buttons and designed as a cropped fit, It offers a flattering look for all shapes. To complete the look, why not pair this jacket with our Boucle Pocket Gold Button Shorts. There’s nothing better than being the best dressed at the ball!

Jackets For Air signs: Gemini, Libra 

Gemini -May 21 and June 21

Aquarius - January 20 and February 18

Libra - October 31 to November 22

jackets for zodiac air element

Air signs…these babies cannot be tamed nor contained. Like a bird, they need the freedom of movement to be able to tweet their own song. Although their detached state makes them known for showing hardly any emotion and sensitivity, they are sure to be the life of the party! *Prosecco anyone?!*

They absolutely thrive of being in social settings and you can’t have a lit time without these air signs! The ideal jacket that reflects this social butterfly is our Mid Wash Raw Hem Oversized Denim Jacket. Its distressed details & oversized fit boasts the uncontained & free spirit that is innately within the air sign. I mean, who doesn’t love a good denim jacket at a social function!?

Mid Wash Raw Hem Oversized Denim Jacket

Another staple that all the social butterflies will love is our Crepe Utility Pocket Longline Belted Jacket. Versatile in every way, you can dress it over your signature office attire or keep your sexy look a tad bit modest and wear it as a throw on a jacket. Its warm colour tone gives off a welcoming vibe, a great conversation starter to fish for all those compliments! 

Crepe Utility Pocket Longline Belted Jacket

Jackets For Earth signs: Capricorn, Virgo  

Capricorn- December 22—January 20

Virgo - August 23 and September 22

Taurus - April 21 and May 21

jackets for zodiac earth element

Unlike Fire & Air, these underdogs are the most disciplined, stable & committed of all the elements. We just love to see it!

These fab traits enable them to endure the physicality of life and be very receptive to it. With these traits, they are naturally practical and rely on logic which makes them the most realistic of all the elements.

The ideal jacket that reflects this grounded Queen is our Mix Quilt Puffer Jacket. Down-filled for its durable and functional finish, its padded high neck collar keeps the killer chills away. What’s not to love! This is the perfect jacket for all the Earth babies. 

Mix Quilt Puffer Jacket

For a super chic alternative look, why not try our Check Wrap Coat which comes in a versatile black. It features bossed up lapels which give you the chance to pop that collar. To add the cherry on the cake, this stylish piece is completed with a tie waist belt to cinch in that waist! We do love an hourglass silhouette once in a while.  

Check Wrap Coat

Jackets For Water signs: Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus 

Scorpio - October 23 to November 22

Pisces - February 19 and March 20

Cancer - June 22 to July 22

jackets for zodiac water element

Known to be sensitive but intuitive, these Queens have the mental capacity of Albert Einstein! Their emotions can run deep however, they have the ability to act on sense.

Water is known to quench the first of every life form, so these water babies see themselves as elite Queens and so they should! The ideal jacket that reflects is our Boucle Belted Faux Fur Collar Coat. Cinched & tailored to perfection, this jacket features a waist belt, double-breasted buttons and a fabulous faux fur collar. Talk about looking all bossed up!

Boucle Belted Faux Fur Collar Coat

For a relaxed approach, why not invest in our Duvet Longline Puffer Jacket. Like its name, this portable duvet inspired coat features an exaggerated high neck collar & two generously large pockets to keep your hands all cosied up when needed. You'll never be cold again in this jacket.

Duvet Longline Puffer Jacket

Here it is ladies! All the information you need to find your perfect seasonal jacket, right here at Select Fashion. Brave the outdoors in style.