Go in for the kill! We’ve got brand new clothes from the runway and new looks to die for. We have to look fashionable and have floors to walk as we lead ourselves out the door each morning. Don’t we all  have to be red carpet ready to feel brilliant each day?

When you buy Select WEB EXCLUSIVE only lines it gives you a sense of confidence that you have when you step foot outdoors so don’t miss out on our dozens of items! We’ve carefully picked these out so you don’t have to. We’ve got your staple jumpsuit, a tote handbag for the go and clutch bag for the weekend. Now add it to your basket before it goes, you’ll be crying if you miss out!

The highlights of the Select Fashion web exclusive collection

We’ve carefully picked out trendy floral Bardot jumpsuits and classy chic handbags. Keep checking the web exclusive page on a regular basis as items are added here daily!

Ivory Metal Bar Clutch Bag

Shop now the Ivory Metal Bar Clutch Bag


Floral Frill Bardot Culotte Jumpsuit - Web Exclusive

Shop now our chic Floral Frill Bardot Culotte Jumpsuit


Why we have launched web exclusive lines

We always have our customers in mind and this is to suit the ones that want to be different and always on-trend…  Uniquely designed for our customers, these pieces have been created with originality in mind. You won’t find these pieces on most high streets, so less fear of the ‘same dress’ scenario that haunts us shoppers!

Don’t miss the opportunity on our Select apparels on the go, perfect for any occasion. Shop now for our web exclusive range and make sure you keep an eye on our web exclusive page as we’ve got many more items to come.