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September is here and we are all getting busier than ever. For fashionistas, it is the same story. It is time you take ownership of the Autumn Winter 2017 collections and fashion trends whilst mastering the ways to wear your latest purchases. It is also time to discover which 2018 fashion styles we need to watch out for and to start visualising ourselves into these new outfits and colours that the fashion industry has on reserve for us…

There is no time to waste! You’ve got to get your style on-point and in time, before your peers ideally. The most efficient way for this gals, is to download the best fashion apps on your phone, say the mobile applications that best meet your fashionable goals and inner style desires.

What were you after? Are you looking for the top fashion apps that will help you organise your wardrobe and ensure your daily outfit has been thought through and is still on-trend?

Here are the top clothing apps you should download to wear spot-on outfits all year long…

Closet+ (iOS free)

Is your wardrobe jam-packed and overflowing with clothes? This wonderfully streamlined clothing app will help you sort your chaotic clothing collection into individual items, then assemble winning outfits. It might seem like a time-consuming process at first as you’ll need to photograph your clothes, shoes and accessories but you will finally be able to make the most of your wardrobe. Definitely worth it!

Glamoutfit (Android/iOS free)

Should your styling require a little outside help, this app will connect you to a hub of caring fashionistas who’ll help you pick out winning combinations based on your body shape and the clothing outfits you already own. The app has a built-in calendar for planning ahead and ensuring you don’t commit the fatal style sin of wearing the same thing in quick succession.

Closetspace (Android/iOS free)

ClosetSpace allows you to take a snap of everything in your wardrobe, then sort it all into categories. From there, smart planners can assemble outfit combinations and save them into Google calendar. The app’s also regularly feeds you new outfits and style pointers from top fashion bloggers. It’ll even hook you up with the occasional bargain.


Are you a Bargain hunter? Here are the most popular clothes shopping apps on the market:

Depop (Android/iOS free)

Any bargain-hunters seeking that perfect piece of jewellery or vintage sweatshirt should make a beeline to download Depop. It’s an app to sell and buy clothes packed with over seven million users. According to Vogue, Depop is “the buzziest e-commerce app in the United Kingdom, which is amassing a low-key fan base in the United States that’s steadily becoming, well, way less low-key”. Not just for private sellers, many brands have already jumped on board.

Polyvore (iOS free)
This app lets you create looks from thousands of clothes and accessories that you can then go on to purchase. Scroll through the other members' mood boards or the app's own collections for ideas on how to rock trends and shop them according to price range. Bonus.

The Edit (iOS/Android)

is another Tinder-like app for the fashion-obsessed. This app lets you swipe through and 'like' clothes and accessories from hundreds of brands, including high street favourites. You can then purchase pieces from your wish list with ease.


Grabble (iOS)

Another ‘like it or ditch it’ swipe interface that lets you collate a list of pieces you love. If an item you’ve ‘grabbed’ goes down in price, it notifies you immediately to ensure you never miss a bargain. To save you endlessly bookmarking all your potential online purchases, shopping app Grabble gives you a 'grab' button, which lets you pool all your fashion finds from any site into one place and it even offers an invaluable sale alert feature.

Style-Eyes (iOS)
The Style-Eyes app recognises an outfit from one of your photos from its database of 1300 UK and US stores. If it's out of the shops - or some obscure number bought at a Korean flea market in 2001 - the app will find you the closest match.


Follow and take ownership of fashion trends:

Trendstop Fashion Trendtracker (iOS, Android free)

Recommended by the Guardian as one of the Top 3 Must-Have Fashion Apps. Trendstop Fashion Trendtracker informs you about latest industry news and trends which refer to fashion fairs like the Beautycon in London or to new runway-trends as well as new collections and designer collaborations. Find trend reports, daily trends, daily fashion news, instant coverage from the catwalks during fashion weeks, runway photo and video galleries as well as a fashion store finder. Although it is helpful for bloggers, buyers or journalists who work in the fierce fashion industry, not all information is for free.

Villoid (iOS free)

This app has been launched by Alexa Chung, an international style-influencer, Vogue contributing editor, best-selling book author, creator of a capsule collection for M&S and more. Here, users can upload shots of looks and products that they love to a mood board. And just like on other social networking sites, those signed up can follow well-dressed mates and stylish strangers. There's also a 'buy' option, meaning you can get your hands on the clothing item you’ve always dreamed of if you come across it. 

Keep (iOS)
Love to discover new trending products? Discover what millions of stylish women wear with the Keep app. Retail website has a feature which skims off the coolest products on Instagram that you can buy. There's also Hashbag, a search engine that collates images of all the items on Instagram which are for sale. 'Like' the picture and you can message the owner directly.

Mallzee (iOS free)
Mallzee is one of the UK’s top non-retailer shopping apps, with over a million users and hundreds of top fashion brands. This app gives you a similar feel as when you're having a wardrobe spring clean and you chuck clothes into a 'yes' and 'no' pile. This clever new app allows you to gather all your favourite brands products into one place - just swipe right if you like what you see, left if you don't. A nice feature of this app is that your friends can weigh in too by giving a thumbs up (or down) to your wish list.

GLANSE (iOS only)

Answer a few questions to define your body type and your sizes for different product categories and In addition, the app will show you different products which you can like or dislike. Swipe right and save the product to your wish list. You can find clothes, shoes and accessories on sale from 1,500 brands and get inspired with the integrated Influencer Board. This tinder-like fashion app is comparable to the app “Swipy”.


Are you a wonderer? Do you find it difficult to find your own style? Are you ensure about that outfit you purchased the other day? Here are a couple of apps that should effectively help you:

Fashionfreax (iOS only)

This clever app identifies your style preferences from photos of your 5 favourite outfits. A fashion community for streetstyle looks, Fashionfreax is great to share your looks and evaluate others but most importantly to get quick and professional feedback on your newest outfits. You can discover new looks and trends by clicking on an outfit-photo and view the suggestions of similar outfits of other fashionistas. Bonus, you can link your own blog or website in your profile to gain new readers and followers.

ASAP54 (iOS, Android)

Recommended by It-Girl Cara Delevigne, the ASAP54 fashion app helps you to find every specific fashion piece so you can immediately purchase it online. Upload a photo of the specific outfit or product you’ve seen and discover similar products or the exact product you have been looking for. You will get the price, brand and other product information in an instant so you can easily shop the product online. Also called the “Shazam of Shopping”, this app stylish-button feature enables you to get a stylist search for a specific product for you and send you alternative suggestions. Enjoy a bespoke personal inspiration feed and adapt it to your wishes.


Are you rather a high-end sales tracker? The following clothing designer apps will not disappoint:

GILT (iOS, Android)

Gilt is the perfect App for high-end-sales-lovers. You won’t miss any discount campaign or special offers with this clothing app showing luxury brands which offer up to 70% OFF. New offerings start at 6pm on a daily basis. Most of the offers are limited in quantity or time but you can turn on the push notifications as a reminder. There are also general categories like “gifts for her”, “best beauty tools” or “vintage watches” to inspire shoppers.

Lyst (iOS)
Not only does this app look slicker than a French fashion glossy magazine but it also lets you personalize your feed to display your favourite designers and brands. All you have to do is simply scroll through to 'lyst' what items you like, and you'll be notified once they go on sale. Plus, there's lots of great fashion-led content to read in the meantime.

Shpock (iOS)
Short for "shop in your pocket," and quite comparable to Ebay or Gumtree, this clothes shopping app will find you appealing clothes being sold privately near you. All the products showcased are thoroughly scrutinised and as it's all local you can collect from the seller in person to avoid postage costs.

Farfetch Discover (iOS)

Farfetch Discover app is like Trip Advisor for style-obsessed travellers, flagging up cool shopping haunts in every far-flung corner of the globe. There’s also the option to browse and buy high-end pieces directly from any of Farfetch’s 300-odd affiliate boutiques. Having one of the world’s greatest selections of luxury in one place, this luxury fashion app will alert you about sales and offers and give you instant access to the freshest new arrivals which you can then save to your personal wishlist.

The Net Set

Net-a-Porter ‘s transactional high-fashion retail app to sell clothes is a sleek and a fully shoppable social network that lets you recommend brands to friends, share favourite items and form ‘style tribes’ with likeminded fashionistas. You can even get shopping advice from The Style Council (that’s a group of industry insiders like Laura Bailey and Alexa Chung, not Paul Weller).


Have you already picked and downloaded your favourite fashion app? Is your style on-point? It might be time to maintain your beloved outfits with the useful Laundrapp (iOS, Android). This app will allow you to get your dirty laundry collected, cleaned and returned in a click of a button, not bad hey?


Using adequate fashion apps should allow you to battle your way and survive in the fashion industry as today only the most tech oriented consumers seem to manage to nurture a fashionable look without breaking the bank.

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