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Valentine's Day 2021 - A Lockdown Love

Whether your day is focused on self-love or you’re planning a romantic

lockdown evening for two this Valentine’s Day, here at Select, we have a simple step by step to plan your perfect February 14th!

So, without further ado lets get started!

Step 1

So, let’s begin with the basics right? You’ve got to be feelin’ your best to be

feelin’ the love this Sunday so grab that gel nail kit and get your fingers and

toes looking fresh! We’ve gathered together some of our fave Valentine’s

inspired nail art and we’re totally head over heels!

Valentines Day Nail art

Step 2

Next up is that fire looking makeup! We all want to impress our other halves

this V Day right? Open up Youtube and get the tutorials flowing, we want to see

hearts, pinks, reds and a sexy red lip!

Womens Makeup

Step 3 

2021 is the year of self love and so we come to the most important step.The outfit, and it has got to be THE outfit! We have put together a mini selection of our super sexy dresses, or maybe you want to be comfy and playful in our PJ sets, guaranteed to boost your confidence and have the best Valentines possible!

Womens PJs

Step 4

Okay, so, you’re feeling and looking your best, now its time to get started on the star of the show; the food! Try out some tempting aphrodisiac recipes to get hearts racing and blood pumping.. Maybe a few oysters to start, followed by a sizzling rump steak and a pistachio ice cream to finish? Too much? Nah! It is a lockdown Valentine’s after all.. We have to make the most of what we’ve got!

Homecooked food

Step 5 

Now for the gift. Whether you’re looking for a Valentine’s gift or more of a ‘to me, from me’ vibe, we’ve got all bases covered. Show your other half how much you love them by getting crafty and hand making a gift, or, maybe YOU are the gift? Whatever you decide this year, we have 3 top gift ideas ready for you!

Valtines gift set


Dedicate some time for yourself to get glam, pop open that champagne you’ve

been saving and dive into a delightful home cooked meal with your significant

other. Let’s make this Lockdown Valentine’s Day one to remember!