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The Work Blouses to take you from Desk to Dinner and Beyond

Published by Hannah Rose on Jan 17, 2019

Snake print blouse and black trousers work outfit

I'm sure you'll all agree that no noise in the world is more annoying than the sound of the iPhone alarm on a morning. If it doesn't make you wanna cry then we're pretty envious of your ability to get out from under your warm duvet covers and face the day with ease. Pressing the snooze button a billion times has literally become a morning ritual. But then our mornings wouldn't really be the same if we weren't rushing out the door, late to work yet again. To make getting up on a morning for work that bit more bearable though, we thought you might like to discover the work blouses that are guaranteed to add a touch of excitement to your morning routine. Yep, our work blouses make dressing for a day at your desk actually fun. Well, as fun as dressing for the office can get...

Black trousers are probably the queen of workwear staples. You don't really get a more staple-worthy piece than those but what you do with those black trousers is vital in becoming the office best dressed. Basically, you need the perfect work blouses to jazz them up and make them look less drab and more fab. Seeing as we spend what feels like our whole entire lives at work (okay that was a seriously depressing thought, we're sorry), we may as well make the days more interesting by making them more fashionable and our women's blouses are designed to do just that. 

If you just can't say no to those after work gins then you're gonna want something that can take you from desk to drinks and occassionally the dancefloor. Okay, always the dancefloor...there's no denying it. So if you're gonna embarrass yourself infront of your boss after one too many, you may as well do it in style! No plans but still wanna impress? Don't worry if your colleagues dress more like they're off to a footy match than to a conference because you know what they say...always dress like you're going somewhere better after. No one needs to know you're just heading home to walk the dog in your scruffs. Rocking those fancy work clothes with killer heels and you'll look like you've got some serious plans. We won't tell anyone...

So it's time to make looking the business a priority this year by showing them who's boss with our office-approved blouses. From floral finishes to brighten up your winter wardrobe to animal print blouses that combine smart with sass and striped designs that make statement-making easy, we don't mean to brag but we've got the best blouses for work. Think less office geek and more office chic. So, are you ready to look a total babe in the boardroom? Check out our women's blouses and treat that corridor like a catwalk...


Black ruffle work blouse

If your office 'drobe consists of black, black and more black then we don't blame you girl cos black is always in. With the basic black blouse undergoing an exciting makeover with frill detailing and a cold shoulder finish, we're sorry to say it but it's time to add some more black to your wardrobe. When it looks this good though, no one can complain. 


Smart striped Blouse for work

Stripes and office attire go hand in hand. Your workwear wardrobe needs stripes, it's basically a fact. If you're gonna wear stripes though, you've got to do it right and doing it right means doing it bold. There's no better way to incorporate stripes into your office look than with this colourful stripe blouse that's sure to brighten up your day. Let's just say, we're a little bit obsessed. 


Nude Cold shoulder work blouse

Wanna hear a secret? Unlike those statement blouses that require precise planning of when you're next gonna wear them so it's been long enough to not look like an outfit repeater, neutrals can be worn way more often. Yep, you can outfit repeat all the time if you want. No one will even notice! Plus, you won't wanna take this brown blouse off anyway...


Chain Print blouse for work

If you haven't heard, clashing prints is the new thing so if you can't decide between your fave prints then wear them both. Combining baroque with animal print, this blouse works perfectly for the desk as well as the dancefloor. If compliments from your colleagues are what you're after, then this blouse is a must. 


Yello cold shoulder work blouse for women

If your workwear wardrobe is lacking in colour then it's time to sort it out girl. Mustard has been hot for a while now and because it really is that hot, it looks like it's sticking around and we couldn't be happier. So if you're feeling brave but not too brave, this mustard blouse is ideal because it's the perfect piece to add a splash of colour to your look without being too in your face. 


Longline pastel blouse for work 2019

Florals aren't just for summer you know. They're the perfect way to add some brightness to those dull days. Plus, those black trousers need brightening up and this floral blouse can do just that. A staple for every season, this blouse will ensure you're looking on-point at the office.


White Lace Sleeve Work Blouse for women

There's nothing more luxe than lace but this work blouse is another level of luxe. Whether you're going for monochrome vibes by teaming it with black trousers or you're keeping things cute in a check skirt, this blouse will guarantee you look classy from 9 through 'til 5. It's the epitome of chic.


Nude Chiffon Blouse for work

If the dress code is a little more low key but you still wanna look professionally hot, that's when a neutral blouse can come in handy. You can create the perfect combo of smart and casual by teaming it with jeans but personally, we think paired with a midi skirt, you'll be bossin' it in the boardroom. 


White ruffle cold shoulder Blouse for women

A white blouse is a requirement for the office but to add a bit more excitement to the classic staple, we've thrown frill detailing and a cold shoulder design into the mix. Like it? We thought you would! Sometimes simplicity is best and this blouse is the perfect piece to nail corporate chic. 


Nude Floral Wrap blouse for work

Florals are chic, there's no denying that so if you wanna add a touch of chic to your look then there's no better way to do it than with a floral blouse. Don't worry if you're not one for bold punchy prints though because this nude blouse is perfect for creating a subtle statement. Oh and the figure-flattering tie front design is definitely a bonus too...

Look good from 9 through 'til 5 and beyond with our workwear edit.

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