Films and Series on Netflix in February

We get it. You're poor, it's cold and all you wanna do is snuggle up next to the fire, pjs on, with your laptop in front of you and a series on repeat. We're the exact same. And don't worry, it's totally okay to watch 3 series in one go, only pausing to boil the kettle and get another bag of crips from the cupboard. But, what happens when you finish that series? The one you've become so engrossed in that you almost felt like you were one of the characters and now it's all over and you're sat there staring at a blank screen, ready to cry. Okay, so we've never actually cried over finishing a series on Netflix but we've definitely been close. I mean, there's not many things more hearbreaking than coming face to face with those final credits. Like, what are you supposed to do with yourself now? Read? Of course not. You've gotta find yourself something else to get hooked on! So, to make your Saturdays and Sundays and probably every other night during the week more fun, we've put together the new Netflix releases that you've just gotta be watching this February 2019. The hardest decision of your day is going to be deciding which one to indulge in first. So, as we eagerly await the next series of You (hurry up please Netflix), here's the new Netflix releases to keep you occupied...

Unauthorized Living on Netflix

Dating Around

Dating Around is the 'I'm not gonna watch it but end up addicted to it' series. If you're a fan of First Dates or basically any dating show then you're gonna love Dating Around. Expect to see singletons braving blind dates until they find 'the one' or just the one that's worthy of a second date...Join us this Feb in cringing at those first date fails and that awkward small talk that reminds us of those disastrous dates we've been unfortunate enough to attend ourselves. Bring it on!

The Umbrella Academy

We don't know about you but we love a good action series and The Umbrella Academy has got us seriously intrigued. Based on comics written by My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy focuses on seven siblings who reunite years later to save the world and stop a global apocalypse. Do they stop it? Well, there's only one way you're gonna find out...

Isn't it Romantic

Not only does it feature comedy goddess Rebel Wilson from our fave film Bridesmaids, but it also features the gorgeous Liam Hemsworth but if that's not enough to convince you then I guess we can explain the plot too...In Isn't it Romantic, Natalie hits her head and wakes up in a world where she's the leading lady in a rom-com aka her worst nightmare. This literally sounds like the perfect movie for girls night.

Unauthorized Living

If you're a Narcos fan then we think you might take a liking to Unauthorised Living. Ready for the plot? A Galician drug lord is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Once his plans for retirement come out, the second in-command plans to steal his empire. Ooh, it sounds so sneaky, we're sure we'll be gripped.

The Break Upperers

Film day? You'll be engrossed in one of the newest additions to the Netflix list, The Breaker Upperers. Besties Jen and Mel set up a business so when couples break up, they get some cash. Uh oh. Luckily, one of them develops a conscience (and rightly so girl!) and their friendship is tested. If you fancy a bit of a laugh with your gal pals then this New Zealand comedy will be right up your street.

Paris is Us

Sometimes we love a good cry, although we're hoping Paris is Us doesn't have us balling like the Notebook did because that was seriously unattractive. However, this Netflix film sounds like that emotional movie we're in need of when we're feeling strong enough to handle it. Following the relationship between a young couple in a city that's full of tradegy, Paris is Us is a must-watch if you love a good romance.

Velvet Buzzsaw

Okay so we'll admit it, the fact it had Jake Gyllenhaal in it definitely swayed us to put it on this list but it was also because we love a good thriller. Velvet Buzzsaw tells the story of a dead mans art work that basically, isn't any old artwork. In fact, it's cursed and anyone who buys it is in for some serious consequences. We are so intrigued. 

Take binge-watching to a whole new level and feast your eyes on these new Netflix releases coming this Feb...

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