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Wearing It Pink In The Select HQ


Today is 'Wear It Pink' day for Breast Cancer Awareness month and it's fair to say that the Select HQ has never seen so much pink! From hot pinks to millenial pinks to baby pinks and pastel pinks, the Select team have seriously gone to town with the pink theme this Friday and all for such an amazing cause, to help raise funds for Breast Cancer Now. From tees to trainers to trousers and blouses galore, we're wearing all the pink today in every way imaginable at the Select HQ in London, so check out our Select babes and boys rocking pink below, for the ultimate pink inspo.

Pink has never looked so good, even if we may say so ourselves! 

The money raised by the 'Wear it Pink' day is vital, as it enables Breast Cancer Now to continue conducting their life-saving medical research into this devastating disease which sadly affects thousands of lives daily. The concept is simple, all you have to do is wear pink and donate as much or as little as you want each year on 'Wear It Pink' day. 

So, although Friday is almost over, it's not too late to get involved with Breast Cancer Now's 'Wear It Pink' campaign, so don't panic! You can fundraise in any way you wish, whenever you wish and can donate at any time over on the Breast Cancer Now's website. The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, which means that there are lots of fundraising events etc. that you can get involved in! You can find out more information about Breast Cancer Awareness here

We hope you enjoyed your sneak peek into Select Fashion HQ's 'Wear It Pink' day and would love to see you rocking your pink Select products, so please do tag us in them over on Instagram and Twitter! And if our Select babes have inspired you to incorporate pink into your season this wardrobe, then check out our 'Pink Life' collection, where we've scoured through our products to provide you with all the pink goods to make sure you nail the pink trend this season! 

We'll leave you with the below poem that our lovely Social Media and Creative Content Executive, Beatriz Sanchez Cid wrote in honour of today...

Let’s wear it pink for breast cancer awareness

It’s for all fairness

Not because we love it

Merely to rise above it

But stop and think like charities, let’s all join like we do at parties

We simply have to own it not postpone it

Breast cancer is a serious cause

Let’s not just pause we need to be in course

For pink powers research and the world is in search

We need to find a cure

It’s only right - We need to sit up tight

People want to feel secure and reassured – we are all matured

& what better way to unite as people full of kindness and love

For all of our beloved.

Helping healthcare for survivors everywhere

Select Fashion wants you to join forces to fight breast cancer

In order to find the answer!

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