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Let’s rock the metallic colours at Notting Hill Carnival 2017

pink-metallic-outfitsLast month, Vogue outlined the metallic colour trend of autumn/winter 2017 seen at Paco Rabanne, Versace, Lemaire and Louis Vuitton to name a few. The fashion magazine mentioned celestial looks and how we should celebrate the solar eclipse.

  • So, time to elevate our minds with cosmic spirituality and recall one of the funniest TV adverts made by the biscuits brand Jaffa Cakes. Do you remember the one where the lady would take a bite and describe the whole “total eclipse experience” ? The actress started saying “Full moon”, then she took a bite, “half-moon” and as she was eating the full cake she said “total eclipse.” Here’s the YouTube link to jog your memory.

  • Heard of Nicole aka “Snooki” from the former show Jersey Shore? Even she had some fun with celebrating and viewing the Eclipse. She was with friends and openly snapped her comical moments on Snapchat as her friend Joey Camasta, the TV personality, was jokingly pretending to be the eclipse with a red/black faced sun mask.

  • The real eclipse was actually on Tuesday 22nd August 2017 and we hope all the lucky one in America had their 3D glasses on to watch this fascination. Even Trump was on the news with his wife Melania watching the Eclipse with and without his 3D glasses! The media have joked about this now and it’s gone viral.

We can now touch base with the festival clothes for Notting Hill Carnival 2017. Embrace the cosmic colours, the shiny clothes, the metallic fashion and even the sci-fi vibes for your colourful outfits. If you haven’t immersed yourself in glitter, we think you better had. Think about the luminous vibes it gives off and the looks you need to receive to fit in. Whether it be from sherbet tones, pastel shades and the bright colours you choose - we bet you haven’t seen these colours yet!  

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Glitter is so popular now with putting it in your brightly coloured hair and piercings to make you look cool. Septum piercings are the ‘in thing’ too, along with these colourful glittery looks – its punk meets chic goth vibes!

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There have been so many rainbow coloured unicorn themed videos on Facebook: how-to make a pancake look like something else, how-to make a bouquet of roses in the form of rose shaped cupcakes in rainbow colours.

Are you into the glitter and colourful vibes after reading this? See what festival looks we have picked out and how you can rock the punk cosmic coloured look for Notting Hill Carnival - this weekend’s happening festival yet.