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Happy National Burger Day 2017 – let’s celebrate!

It's burgers galore

Thank God it’s FRIDAY! It’s National Burger Day 2017 today and so we should use this excuse to mark the occasion and eat a burger. What toppings would you put on your burger? Let’s think about how Joey from Friends walks into the apartment wearing Phoebe’s maternity trousers and calls them his Thanksgiving pants. Joey’s multi-coloured meat pants are hilarious and he wears them so he can eat more. As “Joey doesn’t SHARE food!” let’s get our own burger and fries to celebrate the day!

Quirkiest places that do the best burgers

  • If you haven’t already been to Five Guys Burger and Fries, it’s the place to be – there are many London locations.

  • Ever heard of the Chicken Doughnut burger? Well, Bird in London is the place to go.

  • The Hot Mess burger from Nolita Cantina – an American burger place in Liverpool.

  • The Pancake burger at Annie's Burger Shack & Freehouse in Nottingham.

  • Manchester’s finest new Grafene restaurant has the Goat Burger engrossed with goat’s cheese.

  • Get down to have The Peanut Butter and Jam burger at Newcastle's Fat Hippo Underground.


Not around any of the fancy burger joints, why not go to your local burger place?

Local Burger places with just the burger amount you need

  • Handmade Burger Company – hand-cooked meat filling burgers that leave you stuffed for the day!

  • The London’s Breakfast Club have launched just for today there very own Pork, Kale, and Egg Burger!

  • Ed’s Diner at Westfield (located in Debenhams) – burgers, cheesy fries, and shakes – you can’t go wrong!

  • Burger King – the Chicken Royale with cheese and jalapeños burger.

  • KFC – get a Zinger Tower Meal – for all you potato lovers, hash brown and the chicken zinger burger is for you! Or even the Zinger Stacker if you’re feeling hungry for a double fillet.

  • McDonalds say it’s “luxury in a bun” so go for the meaty Signature Collection burgers!

Feeling a bit adventurous in your range of meats? Whether it be the zebra, kangaroo, venison or buffalo meat, there are many pop-up food stalls across the UK where Exotic Meats sell to – go get your mouth watering burger from there if that’s your cup of tea!

Now we all need to feel comfortable in what we are wearing so just like Joey, we need comfy clothing so you can eat more. Have a look at our range of loungewear from jersey tops, joggers, and leggings on our Select Fashion website. So don’t forget to be comfy in what you’re wearing and ditch that sandwich to go get your burger!