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Let's Party like it's 1990

There's one thing that us millennials can agree on, and that's the fact we miss the 90's more and more every day of your 20 something lives. We all miss the days when Freddo chocolate bars cost less then 20p and the most exciting time of the week was when spice girls performed on Top of The Pops. Most of us spend so many nights crying over our broken relationship ( all of which lasted one of your weekly school lunch breaks) whilst All Saints played from your groovy chick CD player. J'Lo and Girls Aloud provided most of your fashion inspiration, where you would all fight for the latest it piece from high street leader Tammy.


Well those 90's days are truly gone, now it's Starbucks for days and Love Island memes that rule the social circle, but what's changed in fashion? A lot, and we know that individual style has evolved with it. Style is now about a wardrobe of true staple pieces that can be worn anywhere, with anything. Clothes you can take from day to night, party to pool-side and desk to dinner, with true ease. Classic pieces such as skinny jeans, denim skirts and floral tea dresses have been elevated and revamped for a modern day girl. Working women want a sleek and polished wardrobe that remains ageless and timeless, think structured shirts and jackets with billowing palazzo trousers and culottes all in a palette of monochrome and or pastels. So how does the 90's come into play in all of this? In a world where we all want New, New, New, and we want it NOW. Where does the past fit into the mix? This season, we've got the answer. Yes, the 90's are BACK.


No we're not talking S club 7 and panda pops at your end of year school disco. We are talking about a new season wardrobe that consists of pieces that are putting a modern spin on classic pieces we all know and love. Think satin bomber jackets that are contrasted by chunky, in your face silver zips. Jeans and loose flitting trousers that are ruched at the waist by a thick belt looped at the fastening, and rolled at the hem to an unnecessary length. The effect? A casually cool look that portrays a true 90's attitude.

Slogan tees with satirical graphic prints blaze across the front of tees, these are finished by tucking in neatly to high waist skinny jeans or whiter than white trousers. The footwear of choice is a bold, chunky heel boot or a classic white trainer. The icing on this 90's style cake? A flat peak worn back to front to add an extra dash of sass.

Looking back doesn't mean your style has to go into rewind. Bring a 90's vibe into your new season wardrobe by styling it with a modern and current hand. Look to our sample looks to see the perfect ways to mix and match this decade fashion mash up.


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