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How to keep your outfit embroidered in the right way

Embroidery is running through our hearts, let’s think of flowers and rose petals in this intricate design. If it’s not embroidered it’s not fashionable, so let’s change your minds and think about your next pair of jeans or blouse and imagine them being fully blossomed out. It’s having that bohemian themed flare to your garments. Katy Perry wears her rosy kimono jumpsuit quite well, it’s simple and elegant, making this outfit choice a crowd pleaser!  


embroidered burgundy plisse trousers

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Get ready for your evening out with these burgundy and black colours and style it with an embroidered rosy bodysuit. These colours really compliment the blouses, jeans and jackets that we have here at Select. The embroidery detail on the mesh tops have worked quite well with the versatile range that we currently have on trend at the moment. There’s embroidery on t-shirt sleeves, on the ripped jeans, Bardot dresses, jersey tops and sweatshirts, knitwear and outerwear.

Now team up your embroidered blouse with some culottes’ style trousers and an embellished hat or some heels, this way it keeps the pattern to a minimum. Unsure what accessory to wear? Hats are very much in the limelight and so common in recent fashion trends. There are different culture of embroidery from African, English or even Indian and it has been everlasting and forever growing into many items of clothing on and off throughout fashion.

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Get comfortable with this embroidered sweat hoodie. If you’re out shopping and unsure if the weather is down in the dumps, never fear, this is perfect to preserve your warmth and a sweatshirt to throw on and still be stylish.

embroidered mesh sleeve top

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Wearing embroidery can make you go for many styles of clothing. Why not opt for Aztec styles and a bit of mesh and grunge detail to add some funk to your clothing. You don’t have to be traditional in the way you style your outfit. Keep it minimal and creative with a hat or even be adventurous in your jewellery choices. Even your hair style can make a statement and make your look more edgy. Feeling the embroidery? Update your wardrobe with a touch of embroidery from your one and only source, Select Fashion.