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How To Get On Board The Athleisure (Sportswear) Trend

Unless you've been hiding in the locker room for the past few months, then you would have noticed that there's been a huge influx of sportswear in the fashion world.  Activewear, sportswear, athleisure, sports-luxe, whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t really matter, because either way it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, so you better get real familiar with this trend ladies! The athleisure trend has long-jumped out of the gyms and has made a sprint for it straight into the fashion industry. It's taken over our streets, it's dominated the catwalks of London Fashion Week, it's taken over the rails in our favourite high street stores and it's been pictured splattered all over our favourite fashion bloggers and celebrities. (Kim K, we're talking about you). The athleisure trend has become so big, that the word even had to be added into the Oxford Dictionary last year. We meant it when we said that this trend is huge...

So what is athleisure, do we hear you ask? To put it quite simply, athleisure means you can schedule a brunch in your diary for 1pm and a gym session at 3pm, and all without having to go home and change into your gym clothes.We know, it's great. The athleisure trend is all about clothing initially designed for the gym or exercising, which can be incorporated into your wardrobes and worn out and about with confidence, so think slogan hoodies, camo joggers, 90s inspired crop tops, high waisted leggings, baseball-worthy bomber jackets and of course, sneakers. It's an industry-wide movement, which shows no signs of slowing down, so you better brush the dust off that workout gear girl! See how it's done ahead and shop the latest sportswear from Select, to really nail athleisure wear this season. 

*Disclaimer: No gym membership needed to jump on board this trend*


If a co-ord tracksuit is good enough for Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, then it's sure as hell gonna be good enough for us. If you're going to dabble in the athleisure trend, then you mayaswell go all out and wear the whole athleisure set. Co-ords are a great way to feel maximum comfort (we're talking pyjama levels of comfort), whilst ensuring maximum cool-factor. If you're feeling brave, then go for one of our camouflage co-ords complete with slogan detailing, or if you're feeling even sassier, then we've got you covered with our 'I don't care', 'honey', 'the real thing' and 'so over it' co-ords fit for a Queen. And if slogans and loud prints aren't your thing, then don't worry because we've got our speckle brushed grey sweatshirt and matching joggersperfect for gently easing you into the athleisure trend. Co-ords are the ultimate pulled together laid-back luxe approach to nailing the athleisure trend, so let the coordinating tracksuit do the talking and pair it with a pair of sneakers and minimal makeup. 


Honey Crop Hoodie  |  Honey Pink Jogger

Real Thing Elastic Waist Jogger  |  Real Thing Elastic Hem Cropped Hoodie

So Over It Crop Hoodie  |  So Over it Jogger

I Don't Care Crop Hoodie  |  I Don't Care Jogger



If it doesn't have a slogan, then we're not interested. Hoodies have had a major upgrade when it comes to the athleisure trend and have been revamped in the form of sassy slogans, panel detailing and cropped fits. Never compromising comfort, this upgrade means we can now wear a hoodie out and about without looking like a total slob and that gets us all kinds of excited. With winter rapidly approaching, there's never been a better time to add a few new season hoodies into your everyday wardrobe. As represented by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Bellla Hadid, the hoodie is best worn over a pair of black leggings and sneakers. The throw-on outfit means you'll have longer to do your hair in the morning, but will also have you rising in the style stakes, as you nail one of this season’s biggest trends. To master the laid-back luxe look, always make sure you've got a pair of trusty black leggings in your wardrobe. Shop one of our sassy slogan hoodies and then finish the whole look off with a pair of skater-inspired sneakers.




*Does not involve jogging.* Don’t let the name alarm you when it comes to joggers, as they never have to venture near a treadmill if you don’t want them to! Joggers (or sweatpants, as our American neighbours call them) are absolutely everywhere right now! They’re taking over the trouser, as it seems anybody and everybody is incorporating them into their everyday wardrobes this season. We’ve seen them paired with heels for a laid-back luxe approach to evening streetwear and we’ve seen them teamed with sneakers for the ultimate cool-chick casual daytime vibes. Joggers don't have to be boring and reserved strictly for Sunday television binge-watching anymore. Thanks to the introduction of joggers with side panelling, block colouring, lace-up detailing, slogan detailing, embellished detailing and even joggers made out of PU, the jogger has never ever looked so good. Your new season wardrobe is simply not complete without a pair of joggers hiding in there, so make sure you get on-board the athleisure trend and grab yourselves a pair now. We've got every kind of jogger you could ever desire, so make sure to shop the ultimate sportswear piece now. 




Now we know that joggers and sweatshirts aren't for everybody (especially when both worn together), so allow us to introduce a different approach to the athleisure trend. This one comes in the form of jeggings and leggings. They’re the comfy alternative to jeans that are every girl’s best friend. They have the same effect as jeans, just without the crippling discomfort of a button digging into you after your post-lunch bloat. Classic black leggings are a perfect way to start engaging with the athleisure trend, so team them with an oversized slogan hoodie and a pair of sneakers and you my girl, have just nailed the athleisure trend in 3 simple steps. Leggings are a staple piece in your everyday wadrobe and are not to be forgotten about. If you fancy livening up your leggings wardrobe and veering away from the classic black pair, then Select can certainly help you out. We have a fantastic selection of leggings and jeggings, with everything from mesh insert leggings to side panel leggings to printed jeggings, so take your pick! 


So there we have it...there should be enough athleisure wear inspiration there to last you the whole season and some! Once you've finished with our loungewear shop and sportswear shop, you'll have all that you need to ensure you absolutely nail this trend and never have to step foot near another pair of uncomfortable jeans again. And with Victoria Beckham announcing her Reebok x Victoria Beckham athleisure collaboration just this week, then it's fair to say that if athleisure is good enough for the Queen of fashion herself, then it's sure as hell good enough for us...