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It’s all about the popular stripe fashion this season

It’s just in time for that tea party and some biscuits as well as all the delicacies that go along with it. Get classy with an elegant striped tea dress and be fashionable and yet chic in our summer style collection. Bold prints and bold stripes, are the way forward this summer. Have you noticed that dresses are becoming even more stylish now that the Bardot and the Cold shoulder detailed work are in trend? Blouses, shirts and trousers are looking even trendier with the stripe pattern detail too. Shop our lovely looks and get your tea dress this summer, don’t wait till it goes!

This multi stripe button Bardot Blouse is absolutely amazing on and will look fantastic with a pair of jeans and heels. Why not take a look and add this to your basket?


Culottes are inevitably part of a women’s every day pie­ce of clothing and with the stripes, they’re even more fashionable than ever. As fashion trends are evolving and progressing to the next best thing, the stripe pattern is becoming more apparent with every clothing item.

Coco Chanel created this nautical stripe tops and trousers. Coco’s fashion line in 1917 made it fashion forward with her Breton t-shirt and stripe clothing. In today’s day and age, fashion has by far come a long way and now the designers are leading the way with clean and crisp stripes and we are forever recycling fashion throughout each year. We are continuing this trend to use a waist belt to break up the colour of the stripe pattern, making this a statement within the print. If you’re not on the stripe fashion, it’s about time to settle and diversify your range and be on this vibe from head to toe or break it up with separate pieces such as a crop top and culottes.

Kendall Jenner is gorgeous in every outfit she wears, making it effortless, even though she is a model, she has always got it right. Kendall’s slim figure and tall height make her overall outfit look on point. However, it does not matter what shape and size you are, stripes can work well with all body shapes, whether the stripes are facing downwards or sideways on a particular item.


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It’s forecasted to rain for a few days this week but that has not stopped us being fashionable, so don’t forget your umbrella today! We have to keep the bursts of colour alive, when the weather gets dull and so we have to lift our spirits up, with a dash of colour on this unusual warm day. Be part of the stripe trend, think Coco Chanel and be more nautical in your style with Select. Feeling inspired? Get your next stripe dress today.