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Get fit and healthy with your trail mix granola nuts - it’s National Trail Mix Day

sportswear hoodie tracksuit bottomsLet’s celebrate National Trail Mix Day which falls today on the 31st August 2017. Don't you need some granola in your life? Get that moving into your health regime - we think you’d love it. We know you're thinking ‘oh damn I really need to be health conscious and think what to eat.’

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Trail mix contains dried fruits, nuts and energy snacks which is designed to keep you alert and energised whilst walking, hiking, and partaking in similar endurance and intense fitness or activities. Trail Mix Day is about creating an adventurous portion of dried fruits and nuts to test out on the go.

So you have to look the part and be fashion conscious in what you’re wearing, strut your body in the sleekest way possible in our active wear.

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Do you need some inspiration? Joining a gym is a fab shout to get some cardio in! How about going for a run every day and fit this into your busy schedules? Or even go for a daily walk a day, you will be surprised with how much weight you can lose. So why not be active and think about your diet? As we have said earlier, you need to look the part and by doing that, you need to be wearing our stellar sportswear range. If you’re feeling faint, make sure you have your trail mix snack to keep you going for longer.