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Bloggers and models over athletes to promote sportswear brands

Adidas found that models are better than athletes when promoting their sportswear fashion lines. Bloggers are very common with increasingly finding new ways to post pictures on their social media channels and say how they are wearing the latest sports clothing. Social platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat are frequently used for showcasing a blogger’s style and how they would accessorise what they wear. We have noticed that Instagram is a popular place to portray the best ways to incorporate one’s outfit coordinates, now that blogger’s are using this space to build themselves and their potential brands.

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Currently Nike are taking on board bloggers around the world to build their brand and enhance their enterprise. Nike Toronto has used various bloggers in their Nike New York’s #AirSociety campaign using these designers: Smythe, Hayley Elsaesser and Markoo. The clothing had a huge emphasis on women in sports and Nike Technology. Personal Stylist Consultant, Sandeep Gill aka Sandy Lion from Toronto, was asked to be a part of this campaign using Hayley’s love of bright colours and tropical designs to the sportswear clothing.

“I’m always really inspired by people, and people’s individuality. Innovation is less about my garments, and more about how I present them to the world. I grew up seeing one sort of ideal model, that isn’t realistic for most of the world. So I really wanted to do something different. In Toronto we love to embrace people’s individualities and where they come from.” – Hayley Elsaesser

Additionally, fashion models and celebrities are also setting the scene as they carry off the sportswear brands and their social media following are much greater in size compared to the athletes.

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