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10 Movies To Watch This Halloween

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If you're not about that dressing up as a dead cheerleader, pouring fake blood all over yourself and then getting stuck to a sticky dancefloor all night on Halloween with fake blood peeling off your lips life, then why not gather the bravest of your friends and organise a Halloween movie night in instead this year? No fake blood or plastic fangs needed, just you, a TV, some of your pals and a shed load of popcorn and sweets to keep you going throughout your movie marathon of the best Halloween movies to get you in the spooky spirit this October. 

Going out is so overrated these days anyway, so take a leaf out of Damien and Janice’s book in Mean Girls and tuck into a night full of scary movies this Halloween. From horrors to paranormal goings-on to gore galore, there’s a movie for everyone in our Halloween movie guide, so leave the Halloween costumes for next year, stay far away from getting your heart broken by jerks on the dancefloor like Cady Heron and get stuck into a night in with some of the best horror movies ever made instead...

(Disclaimer: we can't take any responsibility for nightmares or sleepless nights) 



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We thought we'd ease you in gently with this Disney classic. Pretty much the funniest Halloween movie you will ever watch, Eddie Murphy delivers the comedy goods in The Haunted Mansion, as it follows 2 married real estate agents who stop off at a sinister mansion they've been asked to sell en route to a family vacation, which they soon discover is haunted by Master Gracey, his butler and 2 servants who need a little helping hand breaking a curse. 



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It wouldn't be a Halloween movie guide without mentioning this 1993 absolute Disney classic now, would it? Starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Hocus Pocus follows three villainous witch sisters who are resurrected in Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween night, on the hunt for eternal youth. In this American comody horror fantasy film, it's up to a young girl and an immortal cat to put an end to these sisters terror once and for all. 



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They're creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're all together ooky, The Addams Family! There's no family kookier than the Addams Family, so re-watch this classic movie this Halloween and fall in love with the lovable Addams family all over again. Based on the 1960's TV series, this dark comedy fantasy movie won't have you hiding under the covers, but it will leave you feeling very Halloweeny! 



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This gripping supernatural horror movie tells the story of a couple in search of help for their son who inexplicably fell into a coma after a mysterious incident in the attic and becomes a vessel for ghosts who want to inhabit his body in order to live once again. This jumpy horror will have you clinging onto each other for dear life and checking under your bed before you go to sleep, so watch with caution!



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"What's your favourite scary movie?"

This 1996 iconic film follows high school student Sydney Prescott as she is terrorised by a creepy serial killer known as Ghostface. One year after her mother was murdered, Sydney and her friends start to receive strange phone calls consisting of movie trivia questions and by using horror films as part of a deadly game, Ghostface leaves pieces of innocent people scattered around the small town of Woodsboro. There's fewer horrors more classic than Scream, so grab your pillow and put on Scream this Halloween.



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One of the most Halloween movies of all, The Nightmare Before Christmas follows Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king of Halloween Town, as he stumbles into Christmas Town. Bored of doing the same thing every year for Halloween and in awe of this unfamiliar holiday, Jack returns to Halloween Town to attempt to relay his findings, but the ghosts, zombies, mummies, vampires, werewolves and witches of Halloween Town fail to grasp the idea of Christmas. This Tim Burton animated musical captures the Halloween spirit, so sing along to this classic this Halloween.



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If you have a phobia of dolls, then it's probably best to sit this one out. The Perron family move into a run-down Rhode Island farm house and soon start experiencing strange things. Paranormal investigators examine the house, where they make a brutal discovery that the whole area is steeped in a satanic haunting that is now targetting the Perron family wherever they go. The paranormal investigators have to summon all their spritual strength to defeat this evil, which threatens to destroy everyone involved. 



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Although not exactly a horror film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a classic that has graced our screens for over 40 years now. This camp and oh-so-fab movie follows a young couple whose lives change when they break down and end up seeking shelter from a storm in a spooky castle full of intriguing characters. Thanks to the iconic actors, costumes and songs, The Rocky Horror Show has cemented itself as one of the longest-running movies in history. So grab your microphone (your TV remote) and sing along to this classic tale this Halloween.



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The Paranormal Activity film series follow families as their homes are haunted by a supernatural presence. Thanks to the films being presented in the style of "found footage", from cameras set up by the families in an attempt to document the paranormal activity, the films have an eerily realistic feel to them, making these some of the jumpiest movies out there. So keep your hands free and get ready to jump out of your sofa with these ghostly goings on in one of the best scary movies around.



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The Amityville Horro movie puts the haunted in mansion. Following a newlywed couple who move into a large house in Long Island which was previously a mass murder site, this supernatural horror film follows the couple who are terrorised by demonic forces and strange, strange manifestations which drive them far away. Maybe put the popcorn down for this one ladies....

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So there we have it, our top 10 movies to watch this Halloween! And to make sure you're kitted out for your Halloween movie night in, then be sure to check out our loungewear shop, where you can get your hands on the sassiest co-ords and slogan sweaters, perfect for lounging screaming around in this Halloween.